Highest value for biogas

Bio-LNG is essential for the long-haul transport sector to become more sustainable. In the next few years, bio-LNG production capacity will rapidly expand. With the Nordsol technology, small-scale bio-LNG production directly next to the biogas installation is economically viable. Biogas producers now have an opportunity to extract more green value, more social value and more financial value from their biogas. 

More green value

Bio-LNG production the only way for the long-haul transport sector to decarbonize today and therefore the best use of biogas. In addition, compared to using biogas for a CHP installation, converting biogas to bio-LNG further reduces emissions of carbon dioxide. In bio-LNG production, the carbon dioxide in the biogas is captured. This bio-CO2 replaces fossil carbon dioxide in greenhouses and the food industry.

More social value

Decentralized, small-scale bio-LNG production also helps enable a local circular economy in which unnecessary transport of feedstock and transport fuel are avoided.

Local organic waste is fermented into biogas. At the same location, this biogas is converted into bio-LNG, which can be supplied to local LNG stations serving local transport companies.

More financial value

Demand for bio-LNG in the transport sector is strongly market-driven. The financial returns can compete with biomethane, as a result of the bio-LNG price and the carbon credits. By contrast, biomethane (“green gas”) and electricity production from biogas are often temporary subsidized. Bringing biogas to the high-value fuel market can lead to longer-term financial certainty and a stronger business case.

Biogas producers in all sectors benefit


Sustainability is an important part of today’s corporate strategy. With biogas installations, companies convert industrial waste into renewable energy and thus make progress towards their sustainability goals. Bio-LNG production from biogas enables the next step in a journey towards profitable innovation and sustainability.

  • A better valuation of the biogas
  • The transfer from a subsidy-dependent environment to a market-driven environment
  • A smaller footprint through additional CO2 abatement
  • More flexibility to cope with biogas capacity and feedstock origin swings
  • An opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of your logistics


Social responsibility, sustainability and cost reduction are important values for public organizations. By converting municipal waste, wastewater and sewage into biogas they contribute to innovation and a reduction of GHG emissions. Bio-LNG offers an opportunity to take a step further. Compared to biogas, bio-LNG:


  • Is the best biofuel to decarbonize the heavy-duty, long-haul transport sector, today.
  • Provides additional green value through carbon capture utilization (CCU). The carbon dioxide from the biogas is liquefied and reused to replace fossil carbon dioxide.
  • Is also economically sustainable as the business case is not dependent on government subsidies.
  • Can offer more social value by enabling a local, circular economy.


Financial stability, trouble-free continuity and independence are essential objectives. However, expiry of government subsidies on biogas installations disrupts the financial stability significantly. Bio-LNG offers agricultural entrepreneurs stable, long-term returns on their biogas installation. 

  • A better valuation of the biogas.
  • Independence from government subsidies.
  • Further reduction of GHG emissions through additional CO2 abatement.
  • More flexibility to cope with biogas capacity and feedstock origin swings.
  • An opportunity to create a local circular economy with companies in the region.

Benefits of working with Nordsol

Nordsol is committed to work with biogas producers in all sectors to start new bio-LNG projects. Benefits of working with Nordsol include:

  • Transfer from a subsidy-dependent business model to a market-driven business model
  • A better valuation of biogas
  • Continuity in business operations
  • Achieving sustainability, profitability and social responsibility goals
  • Optimization of renewable energy utilization
  • Ability to work within established workstreams and tendering processes

Nordsol offers a unique concept to biogas producers. In addition to providing the differentiated and proven iLNG technology, Nordsol can relieve the biogas producer of challenges such as financing, bio-LNG offtake contracts and plant exploitation. The biogas producer gets an attractive price for the biogas and mitigates business risk.